Digital Marketing Trends That You Can’t Miss in 2021

Are you struggling to attract people to your website? Maybe you’re finding it difficult to convert visitors into leads. You’re not the only one.

In fact, over 50% of marketers say generating high-quality leads is now their biggest challenge.

It’s not enough to start using digital marketing tactics anymore. Instead, it would be best if you kept up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends. If you’re not following the trends, you’re falling behind!

Your customers will take notice and think your brand is old or outdated. Instead, use this guide to keep up-to-date!

With these marketing trends, you can boost brand awareness, attract new leads, and set yourself up for success.

Grow your business with these top marketing trends today!

1. UX DesignYour search engine optimization Massachusetts & Rhode Island agency can help.

While user experience (UX) design isn’t new, it’s growing increasingly important. With COVID-19 still a threat, consumers are spending more time interacting with brands online. An old, outdated website could scare visitors away.

If they leave without clicking around, your clickthrough rate will drop. Your dwell time will start to plummet as well. Meanwhile, losing visitors can cause your bounce rate to rise.

A higher bounce rate can hurt your ranking on search engines like Google. A lower ranking will position you in front of fewer customers. Instead, you can use these digital marketing trends to give your search ranking a boost.

Reaching the top of a search engine results page (SERP) can position you in front of more customers than ever before. You’ll rank higher than your competitors as well. Your brand’s credibility and online reputation could improve as a result.

Your website design and development can play a big part in your business’ success. In fact, people form 75% of their judgment about your credibility based on website aesthetics. Bad mobile optimization bothers nearly 50% of customers.

Meanwhile, nearly 90% of customers won’t return to a website after a bad experience.

Keep up with the latest UX design trends to improve the user experience on your site. For example, make sure your:

  • Pages load quickly
  • Site is mobile-optimized
  • Content is easy to read (use headings, shorter sentences and paragraphs, and clear fonts)
  • Navigation is organized
  • Photos are crisp and high-quality

You can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and PageSpeed Insights to test your site.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy. You can improve your organic SEO ranking to reach more customers. SEO services can also help you:

  • Generate brand awareness and recognition
  • Appear before competitors on SERPs
  • Establish your credibility as a thought leader in the industry
  • Boost brand trust and loyalty
  • Generate more website traffic
  • Increase leads, conversions, and sales
  • Improve your ROI

You can create a local SEO strategy to reach nearby customers. Don’t forget to update your Google My Business listing.

Google changes its search engine algorithm throughout the year. You can work with a search engine optimization Rhode Island expert to improve your ranking. Otherwise, make sure to keep up with the latest SEO trends.

SEO Trends

About 70% of experiences online start with a search engine like Google. In fact, SEO drives 1,000% more traffic than organic social media. Unfortunately, 0.78% of Google searchers don’t look beyond the first page.

Your search engine optimization Massachusetts agency can help. Using the latest SEO trends can boost your ranking.

First, your Rhode Island SEO team will gather an audience and keyword research. Google’s algorithm allows it to understand the user’s search intent better. Understanding search intent can boost your ranking.

Then, you can optimize your website content to appear for a range of keywords.

Some of the latest SEO trends include:

  • SERP position zero
  • Voice search
  • Video content
  • EAT (expertise, authority, trustworthiness)
  • Automation

Your Massachusetts SEO agency will help you generate a higher ranking, allowing you to reach more customers.

3. Live Streams

Your digital marketing Rhode Island team can help you develop high-quality content, too. You can share this content on your website, social media accounts, and via email. High-quality content can boost your SEO ranking.

For example, live streams are becoming more popular in light of the pandemic. You can use live streams to connect with your target audience in real-time.

Consider hosting a live digital conference, trade show, or webinar. Use live videos to keep people engaged with your brand.

Then, optimize your videos for SEO. Your Massachusetts SEO team can help.

In fact, Google loves video content. Creating more videos can help you appear for zero-click and voice searches.

4. Personalized Experiences

As you develop content with your search engine optimization Massachusetts team, look for ways to personalize the experience. About 84% of customers want brands to treat them like a person, not a number. In fact, 74% get frustrated when content has nothing to do with their interests.

Understanding your target audience is key to creating a personalized experience. You can segment your audience into distinct buyer personas. Then, create a different strategy with each audience in mind.

Try creating interactive content, such as polls and quizzes. Interactive content can boost engagement. It can also help you learn more about your audience.

You can use the data you gather to create personalized experiences.

5. Shoppable Social Media Posts

Add shoppable social media posts to your current social media marketing strategy. Shoppable posts will blend into the consumer’s feed naturally. They won’t feel burdened by heavy sales language.

Instead, you can encourage people to shop from your business straight from the favorite social media app. Reducing the number of touchpoints offers ease and convenience.

You could boost conversions and sales as a result.

6. UGC and Influencer Content

Consumers already rely on their friends and peers for product recommendations. Use that to your advantage. You can post user-generated content (UGC) online to boost brand trust.

On-the-fence customers will see that people already love and trust your brand. Then, they’ll try you out for themselves.

Consider working with an influencer in your industry, too. You can leverage that influencer’s existing brand trust to attract new customers.

Give Your Business a Boost: 6 Must-Have Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Don’t fall behind the trends! Instead, use these tips to improve your digital marketing strategy. With these tips, you can reach more customers and boost your business.

You don’t have to develop your digital marketing strategy alone. Instead, find a digital marketing Rhode Island team you can trust. With our help, you can boost your SEO ranking, reach more customers, and generate more business.

Sound like a plan? Contact us today to get started.

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